Recent Matters

Below is a sampling of some of the matters we have handled within the last year.
Commercial Litigation
  • Obtained favorable settlement during trial in Uniform Commercial Code case for payment for delivered raw aluminum.
  • Successfully settled case alleging fraudulent transfer of millions of dollars of real property; some property was re-deeded to client along with a substantial cash payment.
  • Obtained winning jury verdict after full jury trial in dispute between business partners.
  • Obtained 100 percent recovery in contested American Arbitration Association matter involving non-payment for services rendered.
  • Favorably settled supplier’s action against major retailer for fraud and breach of contract.
  • Successfully represented commercial insurance company in numerous damage/subrogation claims.
Real Estate
  • Represented investors in several residential acquisitions.
  • Served as attorneys in transferring fifteen commercial properties located in three states.
  • Served as receiver of rental building in Manhattan; managed and sold building pursuant to court orders in LLC dissolution action.
  • Served as attorneys for managing agent of cooperative apartment building.
  • Served as litigation counsel for several co-op and condominium apartment buildings.
  • Served as transfer agent for several co-op apartment buildings.
  • Appointed as receiver and counsel to receiver in various foreclosure matters, including a contested foreclosure computation in which we presided over an evidentiary hearing and made recommendations to Court as to amounts due under a building construction mortgage.
  • Negotiated commercial lease for restaurant space on behalf of landlord.
  • Negotiated commercial lease for office space on behalf of tenant.
  • Handled numerous residential closings.
  • Represented cooperative corporation in refinancing its underlying building mortgage.
  • Represented claimant of successor lease rights in appeal by housing authority.
  • Favorably resolved dispute over residential contract deposit held by clients where co-op buyer did not receive board approval due to buyer’s alleged bad faith application.
Corporate and Contract Law
  • Handled buy-out for withdrawing member of a limited liability company.
  • Formed numerous new business entities for clients, including corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.
  • Drafted shareholder agreements and partnership agreements for new business ventures.
  • Successfully negotiated severance agreement for executive discharged from employment.
  • Advised numerous clients on severance negotiations and employment agreements.
  • Negotiated and drafted numerous buy-out, settlement and other business contracts.
Matrimonial and Family Law
  • Successfully represented parties in contested divorce proceedings.
  • Drafted and filed numerous uncontested divorce actions.
  • Negotiated and drafted several prenuptial agreements for couples with complex financial interests.
Gay and Lesbian Family Law
  • Drafted several prenuptial agreements for couples getting married.
  • Obtained what is believed to be the first New York State divorce judgment for a lesbian couple married in Canada (uncontested matter), and obtained several divorce judgments for couples married in other jurisdictions.
  • Obtained favorable verdict after full trial in first lesbian property dispute known to go to trial.
  • Negotiated several settlements between same sex couples who held joint business and real property interests, and drafted all necessary settlement documents.
  • Drafted partnership agreements for several same sex couples to protect joint investments and to set forth mutual obligations and understandings.
  • Represented several petitioners in second parent adoption proceedings.
Wills and Estate Probate
  • Handled dispute over life insurance proceeds for a long-time beneficiary who had been removed shortly before death of insured.
  • Drafted numerous wills, living wills and health care proxies.
  • Probated estates in New York and Kings County Surrogate’s Court.